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Environmental impact of waste-landfill sites


CE-marking for GSE Geomembranes


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Certificate of Factory Production Control

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Aquatan purchases its range of HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes from GSE.  GSE is the world’s leading geomembrane manufacturer producing the highest quality products available on the market through various plants spread across the world.

Doing justice to this reputation amongst many certifications, they were most recently granted the CE-Certificates of Factory Production Control for HDPE, LLDPE and VLDPE for their production facilities in Rechlin, Germany where Aquatan’s products are produced.

These Certificates prove the compliance of their complete range of products with the provisions of the European Construction Products Directive (CPD) and the relevant harmonized new European norms.

After publishing in the official journal of the EU in June, these norms can be used within the EU since 1 September 2005, on a voluntary basis.  After ending of the period of coexistence on 1 September 2006, the use of the European norms and the CE-marking becomes mandatory for geomembranes within the EU.

The currently valid norms refer to the use of geomembranes for the construction of landfills, transfer stations and secondary containments (EN 13492:2004), reservoirs and dams (EN 13361:2004) as well as tunnels and underground structures (EN 13491:2004).

As from January 2006, our products will be marked with the CE logo, as the visible proof of compliance with the CPD.

In case of any further questions regarding the CE-marking requirements for geomembranes, the harmonized new European norms or the Specification CD, please do not  hesitate to contact us.

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